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Ampere Computing Vietnam

Ampere’s vision is to become the new standard for the cloud-led data centers – private or public – defining a new approach and resetting the expectation on power/performance and TCO.

The world is adopting the cloud. Almost everything you access today on a technology device (music, photos, games, computing, enterprise apps, retail experiences) resides in a cloud somewhere. Distributed computing environments in data centers with servers that process and manage all these workloads are not new. At Ampere, we believe it is time for a new hardware technology to run this new software world of the cloud. We believe that a new approach is required to run cloud data center servers efficiently and to ensure that consumers have a fast, reliable and secure experience. We believe an innovative and different approach will change the future of everything you do with technology in the cloud. With Ampere’s new server chip solution, cloud computing just got a whole lot better.

Freedom to challenge the status quo

At Ampere, we believe the future of hyperscale, cloud computing requires a new kind of approach, with hardware and software designed for the distinct requirements of the cloud software environment. In our view, this is not something that can be borrowed from legacy systems. New technology designed specifically for the cloud will drive new innovations not even imagined yet, enabling the proliferation of more apps managed in the cloud, ranging from web search and categorization; online retail; content hosting and distribution; social media; communication services; artificial intelligence and machine learning, more secure storage of content, and much more.

Ampere is leveraging the depth and expertise within the cloud and semiconductor industries to push the boundaries of emerging cloud applications. Our world class team of scientists are focused on the development of new semiconductor designs and building out the first software ecosystem for Arm®-based server processors. We give our customers the freedom to challenge the status quo and accelerate next-generation data centers for the most memory-intensive applications.

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